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Static Motion

The Concept

Everything is in motion, from the atoms to the planets, nothing that exists is static, the only thing that changes is the speed at which everything moves, we trick our mind to see static things when they are not, what would happen if we inverted that concept and we try to see static things as if they were in constant motion?

The Approach

How do you perceive the movement of things, how do you know when something is still and how do you know when something is moving? the only way to know if something moves is to know its past and to be able to predict its future, trajectories, sequences, in this way we understand the movement of an object, through subtle references that let us see the passage of time.

The solution

A credenza made to look as a sequence of a plane as a statement to this motion theory. You can’t see it move, yet it looks like it is doing so. Linear is a furniture made to be static, yet to look in motion by a sequence of lines that slowly flow to create a moving volume.

Year /

Client /

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán + Ismael Porras

Designer Team /
Álan Vázquez

Awards /
Mexico Design Week, 2014

Photography /
Ismael Porras

Production Insight