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Hotel Diseño


Mr. Eames

Timeless seating

The Concept

Wood is a poetical material, it can create almost everything in the right hands, from solid looking objects to smooth almost liquid surfaces, it all depends on the processes and attention to details that are applied into its transformation, the challenge is to master the process in order to create a new dialogue with the material.

The Approach

Charles & Ray Eames were great visionaries, their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design and manufacturing set up a path to follow where processes were as important as the product itself. We analyzed their techniques and methods to improve and create a piece that uses their production developments adapted to a modern context.

The Solution

The Mr. Eames chair is a piece of furniture for semi intimate spaces in public places. A sofa designed to get lost in a book, enjoy an informal talk or just a drink. Mr Eames brings the comfort of a chaise lounge to the office space with a provocative aesthetic of flowing lines created by its sculptural and functional figure.

Year /

Client /

Creative Direction /
Victor Alemán

Awards /
Architizer A+Awards + 2016 AHEC Awards

Photography /
Ismael Porras

Production Insight