Your Benefits

Designing physical products is our core strength.

Our products reinvent form and function in a way that helps our clients create a unique connection with their users with clever and beautiful experiences

Our Services

Product Understanding

  • Research / User, Ergonomics, Context, Etnography
  • Problem Definition & Need analysis
  • Definition of user profiles
  • User scenarios & storyboards
  • Design Lenguage & Themes definition
  • Benchmarking & competitor landscape analysis
  • Technological & cultural factors research

Concept Design

  • Brainstorming & mind maps
  • Prospective scenarios mapping 
  • Idea, concept & user interaction Sketching
  • Material & Production / Manufacturing research
  • Schematic & explorative mock-ups
  • Basic 2D & 3D CAD

Concept Development

  • Advanced 2D & 3D CAD
  • Iterations & Detailed sketching
  • Prototyping for Evaluation (ergonomics, function)
  • Preliminar studies / CMF
  • Testing of concept
  • Development of possible manufacturing scenarios

Design Development

  • Detailed 2D & 3D CAD - Iterative prototyping
  • Color, Material & Finishes specifications
  • Appearance models for presentation/testing
  • ID Adjustments for Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Design Intent Supervision
  • Detail design Drawings (Engineering & CTF)
  • Pilot series and soft tooling parts
  • Alpha & Beta Prototypes supervision

Designing always with your production in mind

This is our main advantage, for the past 11 years our principal job has been to transform rought sketches into pieces of art and engineering through our knowledge of the manufacturing capabilities of our clients and one of the biggest networks of workshops and factories in Mexico that work directly with us developing custom projects for our clients in any given scale.

To achieve this level of development, we collaborate closely with factories, understanding the systems involved in the processes of production, talking constantly with the people that create the products and learning from them and their experience, then we translate their mastery into possibilities that our designs explore hand by hand with their help.

Individual Solutions

In case you want something unique, we are always happy to find a solution that suits your vision and wishes.