Estudio Victor Alemán

Based on Mexico City, a place with all kind of manufacturing processes, EVA merges the digital fabrication methods with the beauty of our local craftsmanship. We are specialized in design products, furniture and have a special interest in digital craftsmanship.

We design evocative and different products, focused on covering all the customers’ needs, always having in mind the production line without neglecting the art of expression involved in the production of every object.

Our goal is to find the potential, mixing artisanal production processes with the ability to develop through digital systems; creating objects in perfect balance becoming a new creative product.

Our experience allows us to engage in the product development from initial and conceptual stages until the production of each one of our designs, always involved in every single aspect to create iconic products based on the premise of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - "God is in the details."

We are continually integrating all the knowledge acquired from fabrication processes in creative production developments creating  tools that reveal new potentials in materials and processes, providing innovative solutions to design problems and a new kind of aesthetical lenguages in craftmanship.

We believe that now is the time to make a bold and intelligent mexican design, who bets through the creativity to design products which break the way that the world has conceived forms. We believe that the time has come to propose new ways of expression among us.

We bet on change in the way of producing objects, giving them new forms of expression.

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